Helmuth Duckadam

Helmuth Robert Duckadam (born 1 April 1959 in Semlac, Arad County) is a retired Romanian footballer who played as a goalkeeper.
He was dubbed "the Hero of Seville" due to his heroics in the 1986 European Cup Final, won by his main club, Steaua Bucureşti. He represented three other teams in an 11-year senior career.
Duckadam who came from a Banat Swabian background started his career playing in the regional league of Arad County, before moving to FC UTA Arad in 1978 to become professional. In 1982, he played twice for Romania and, subsequently, was signed by country giants FC Steaua Bucureşti.
Duckadam, who was instrumental in helping the capital side to two consecutive league titles, was also between the posts for the 1986 European Cup final against FC Barcelona, which was played in Seville, on 7 May 1986. Amazingly, he saved four consecutive penalty shots in the shootout, from José Ramón Alexanko, Ángel Pedraza, Pichi Alonso and Marcos, being the first one to do so in an official European competition. Steaua won it 2–0, and the main European trophy for the first time, and much of the credit for the surprise victory was given to Duckadam. He scored one goal for his main club, through a penalty kick against AFC Progresul Bucureşti in the domestic cup.
In 1986, Duckadam suffered a rare blood disorder only few weeks after the Seville performance, and would only resume his career three years later, finishing it with lowly Vagonul Arad, in the second division. According to a personal interview given in 1999, Duckadam had become a major with the Romanian Border Police (Poliția de Frontieră) in his hometown of Semlac, in Arad County. Also, he opened a football school in the city, named after himself.
On 25 March 2008, Duckadam was decorated by the president of Romania, Traian Băsescu, with Ordinul "Meritul Sportiv" – ("The Sportive Merit" Order - class II), for his part in winning the of 1986 European Cup. Two years later, on 11 August, he was named Steaua's president.
In the 25th of September 2012 he suffered a 7 hour surgical intervention on the right arm. Now he is fine. "Tell the fans not to worry I can still give autographs"

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